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  • The school building is a 9-storeyed building with lift supported by a full time generator.
  • Wide fire-escape staircase at one end of the building.
  • Spacious green field providing facilities for all outdoor games (basketball court, football pitch).
  • Wide car parking zone. HURDCO is the only school in city which has got an area to accommodate required number of cars.
  • School toilets are equipped with all modern amenities and cleanliness is ensured by constant services of cleaners.
  • Trained and qualified nurse for rendering first aid with well-equipped Nurse Room.
  • School transport facilities for students.
  • Modern A/c cafeteria run by reputed food houses. Food is available from breakfast to lunch.
  • Parents’ waiting room with washroom facilities.
  • Full time supply of pure drinking water from dispensers on every floor.
  • Spacious air-conditioned classrooms with multi-media facility.
  • Comprehensive laboratory facilities with safety devices approved by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Board.
  • Air conditioned Indoor Games Room.
  • Full stocked library.
  • Prayer room.
  • Following club activities are conducted to flourish ECA like debate, community work, art club, science club, music and cultural club etc.
  • Activity-based learning: Combined eighty-minute classes of each grade are taken on a routine basis. The programme enhances learning through competitive participation of all the sections. Subject teachers develop the lesson through power point presentation. Hands-on activity is displayed after presentation. Head of the department reviews and recaps the session at the end. An evaluation is done at the end by giving MCQs to the students to compare abilities of students of each section.
  • Camping and Field Trip: Students are taken for Field Trips depending on weather and social conditions. Regular visits to other partners in education are also arranged. Written permission from parents is required in this matter.
  • Open house meet: Principal and Parents. Parents are able to share their ideas and place their opinion regarding development of the school. The school is open and has relationship of trust and mutual respect with parents. We believe there should be an effective partnership between the school and the parents/guardians if we are to achieve the desired goals for our children.
  • Student counseling session is done by Principal to help students seeking admission in different universities abroad and possibilities of getting scholarships etc. Students are also guided in terms of choosing appropriate subjects for pursuing their individual career.


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