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The academic session starts in July and classes commence in August.


Playgroup: Apply in September for the next academic session.
Nursery to Class X: Apply in January for the next session.
A’ Level: Apply in June for the next session.

Parents are advised to apply when the child is 3+ years old, and it is best to apply by September for the following session.

Once the application form is submitted it will be assessed through a pre-selection procedure. If selected, then the student and parents will be called for the admission test and/or interview (depending on the class in which you want to admit your child). After the test and/or interview either admission is offered, rejected or the names are placed the waiting list if there is no seat available

Please note that we receive a large number of applications every month. We need to go through several procedures like pre-selection, admission test, parents’ interview and so on. Therefore, we need some time to complete all the steps. However, all the procedures are generally completed within two weeks after receiving the application.

The interview is an opportunity for potential parents to ask us questions and get clarification on any aspect of our school, and it is a chance for our admission committee to get to know the parents who are applying. There is no specific question nor do parents                  need to prepare in any way. Most interviews are conducted through general conversations.

The exams are taken on three core subjects – English, Maths, Bangla and Science. However, Bangla is exempted during the admission test for foreign students. Please note that it is mandatory for all students at HURDCO to take Bangla, so please discuss this  issue with the school authority if you have any concern. The school does offer special classes for students whose proficiency level in Bangla is lower than the required standard due to living abroad or for foreign students.

If any student leaves the school without any notice then enrolment will be cancelled after two months and security deposit will be forfeited. However, if any student leaves in July or August then the security deposit may be refunded but if any student leaves after August, then the security deposit will be forfeited as per policy.

There is a collection booth where you can pay the tuition fee:
Near apollo hospital, Solmaid Road, Dhaka 1212 1212 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh



O’ and A’ Level curriculum under the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) board.

The A’ Level is a very rigorous and demanding course of study. Students may take only those subjects in the A’ Level which they have already completed in the O’ Level and they must have obtained at least Grade ‘C’ in respective subjects. They must also obtain a Grade ‘B’ or above in English Language. A student must appear for or complete at least 6 subjects in O’ Level to join our A’ Level program. Students given provisional admission will be given confirmation to continue only after their O’ Level results are accepted by the school.

Ans. No, Bangla is not compulsory for NRB or foreign students.

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