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Admission Procedures

Parents may collect Admission Forms from the Admin Office or from the school website on payment of necessary fees. Parents will provide the required details to complete the Admission Form and submit all the required documents along with it. Students are required to sit for admission test and appear for interviews. A student will only be admitted if found suitable in all respects.

The documents needed for admission are as follows:

  1. Birth certificate of the child (Birth Certificate from City Corporation/Union Parishad) or a photocopy of Passport.
  2. 2 copies of passport size photographs of the child.
  3. 1 copy of the passport size photograph of each parent.
  4. Copy of the latest Report Card and Transfer certificate of the last school attended (except for Play Group).
  5. Photocopy of National ID card of the parents.
  6. Medical Certificate of the child.

Admission in AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A2 (Advanced Level) is taken on the basis of CAIE or school completion transcript.

Age & Class

Play Group 3 Years 6 Months
Nursery 4 Years 6 Months
KG-I 5 Years 6 Months
KG-II 6 Years 6 Months
Grade-I 7 Years plus
Grade-II 8 Years plus
Grade-III 9 Years plus
Grade-IV 10 Years plus
Grade-V 11 Years plus
Grade-VI 12 Years plus
Grade-VII 13 Years plus
Grade-VIII 14 Years plus
Grade-IX 15 Years plus
Grade-X 16 Years plus
Grade-XI 17 Years plus
Grade-XII 18 Years plus

Admission into ROYAL SCHOOL  is granted to qualified students without any prejudice to race, colour, creed, religion or nationality.

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