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Academic year at ROYAL is from July to June divided into four quarterly sessions which include Half Yearly and Final Examinations. Results are distributed to parents through Parent-Teacher meeting.

Scoring and Promotion Policy
Term tests cover half of the total marks. Class work, homework, continuous assessment and class tests cover the remaining half. Pass score is 50 percent of the total marks.

Homework is an essential part of the overall program at HIS and is considered to be a joint activity between home and school. The class routine and lesson plan are so designed, that students are able to complete home tasks quite independently.

Homework for children up to KG-II are periodical while children in the upper grades are allocated homework daily and are expected to complete them. Parents are required to provide every support and encourage their children to take responsibility to finish any assignment. They are also requested to check and initial their children’s homework on a daily basis.

HIS encourages regular attendance in order to cover the syllabus and, hence, irregularity in attendance will result in low grades. A letter of explanation will be required from parents mentioning valid reasons for any absence. In case of illness, a medical certificate is to be submitted.

Children occasionally need to be reminded of the necessity of showing good behavior. By establishing guidelines for discipline through communication and cooperation, children will have respect for themselves, their peers and the school authority.

ROYAL emphasizes utmost importance on discipline. Should there be any need to discipline a child, school warns the child and informs the parents about it. When the child proves to be a habitual offender, the school reserves the right to withdraw him/her. The school also reserves the right to withdraw a student if the family is non-cooperative or if the child is unable to cope with the school program or if there is any serious breach of discipline.

Weekly Schedule
The school work-week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday. Children should be punctual. They are not encouraged to enter the premises after 07.50 am.

Parents Day / Progress Report Day
At the end of each quarter and also before examinations, a Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) is held. Parents are required to attend such meetings to know about the progress of their children. All teachers and some members of the management attend these meetings. Development and changes with regard to the academic operations are also discussed in such meetings.

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